Gerald Cardinale: Inaccessible and endangering our children

It’s time Gerald Cardinale be more accessible to his constituents. Back in 2011, redistricting changed the shape of the 39th Legislative District. Since then, Cardinale’s legislative office has been located outside of the district he claims to represent [1]. How can the Senator be keyed-in to the issues that really matter to the district when he doesn’t even work here? The Senator has had six years to move the location of his office within the district so that it could be more accessible to constituents. But time and time again, he has declined to move his office and has let us down.

Gerald Cardinale has also let us down by voting no to bills that would protect our children. In May, Gerald Cardinale was one of five Senators who voted against A3091, a bill that would have made New Jersey the first state to end the marriage of children under the age of 18 [2]. More than 2,000 children, some of which were as young as 13, married in New Jersey between 2000 and 2014 [2]. Nearly 86% were girls wed to adult men. Our Senator should be doing everything in his power to protect our children [3]. How could the Senator condone adult men marrying young girls? 

Cardinale does not have the health and well-being of our children in mind. Though conversion therapy is widely debunked and proven to increase suicide rates of children and teens [4], Cardinale was one of nine Senators to vote no to protecting our children from this harmful therapy. Bergen County had the highest number of teen suicides in 2015 with 26, a number 4 times as large compared to other counties in New Jersey. [6]

Cardinale has proven to be completely out of touch and dangerous. Cardinale does a disservice to his constituents by making his office inaccessible within the district. Gerry Cardinale has consciously made decisions not to protect our youth. He is too dangerous to be elected again.