Gerald Cardinale: Inaccessible and endangering our children

It’s time Gerald Cardinale be more accessible to his constituents. Back in 2011, redistricting changed the shape of the 39th Legislative District. Since then, Cardinale’s legislative office has been located outside of the district he claims to represent [1]. How can the Senator be keyed-in to the issues that really matter to the district when he doesn’t even work here? The Senator has had six years to move the location of his office within the district so that it could be more accessible to constituents. But time and time again, he has declined to move his office and has let us down.

Gerald Cardinale has also let us down by voting no to bills that would protect our children. In May, Gerald Cardinale was one of five Senators who voted against A3091, a bill that would have made New Jersey the first state to end the marriage of children under the age of 18 [2]. More than 2,000 children, some of which were as young as 13, married in New Jersey between 2000 and 2014 [2]. Nearly 86% were girls wed to adult men. Our Senator should be doing everything in his power to protect our children [3]. How could the Senator condone adult men marrying young girls? 

Cardinale does not have the health and well-being of our children in mind. Though conversion therapy is widely debunked and proven to increase suicide rates of children and teens [4], Cardinale was one of nine Senators to vote no to protecting our children from this harmful therapy. Bergen County had the highest number of teen suicides in 2015 with 26, a number 4 times as large compared to other counties in New Jersey. [6]

Cardinale has proven to be completely out of touch and dangerous. Cardinale does a disservice to his constituents by making his office inaccessible within the district. Gerry Cardinale has consciously made decisions not to protect our youth. He is too dangerous to be elected again.





The Schepisi TV Two Step: Oppose Equal Pay and Health Care for Women, Raise Taxes to Cover Pensions

In an NJTV interview on Friday, long-time Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi made one thing very clear: any mess that happened in Trenton is not her fault. Instead, "Have it Both Ways" Holly has been busy trying to court the far-right extremists while trying to cover up just how out of touch she is with our values. On issues that matter to women, Holly has been a leading voice against women's health care. Assemblywoman

Schepisi has refused to act on the reinstatement of Planned Parenthood funding in New Jersey because she has not seen any “facts” showing that the cut has been harmful; adding that anyone who supports funding for planned parenthood is emotional. That's offensive, given that Planned Parenthood helps women with important cancer-preventing screenings. While she waits to read the facts, Breast Cancer rates have risen 11% and sexually transmitted diseases have spread 75% since 2009.

Holly has been outspoken against Equal Pay. As professional women, there are few things more offensive. Holly's explanation to working women: the increased litigation that equal pay enforcement would create is too much for her to condone. Thus, she was “forced to abstain” when it was time to vote for equal pay for equal work.

We believe Holly owes working moms an apology.

Holly also wants to raise taxes to cover the underfunded pension. She does not believe politicians should be keeping up their end of the deal by paying back into the depleted NJ pension system. She claims the only way to stop the siphoning of the pension system is to increase property taxes. That's the worst idea. We can't afford to raise taxes on or families given what they already pay; we should find a way to lower them.

"Have it both ways" Holly has a lot of excuses and not a lot of solutions. She is out of touch and trying to please everyone and New Jersey families end up losing nearly every time. Turning her back on women and threatening to raise taxes is not what New Jersey families need right now. They need a change.

Link to full NJTV’s On the Record episode. Original airdate: 5/9/17:

LD39 Assembly Candidates Chung and Hausmann Respond to Assemblywoman Schepisi’s Change of Position on Planned Parenthood

Westwood—Assembly Candidates Jannie Chung and Annie Hausmann today responded to Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi’s change of position regarding state funding for Planned Parenthood. While the candidates were glad Assemblywoman Schepisi finally agreed to fund the organization, they questioned the sincerity of her commitment to standing up for women, noting that she never for the past seven years opposed Governor Christie’s cuts. 

Assemblywoman Schepisi’s announcement came as a surprise to many because she had never previously resisted the Governor’s decision to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. In fact, she recently said that she has not seen any “facts” that  show the cuts have been harmful, despite breast cancer rates rising 11% and sexually transmitted diseases spreading 75% in Bergen County alone since 2009. Planned Parenthood provides breast cancer screenings and access to contraceptives that prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. 

Candidate Jannie Chung said, “Funding Planned Parenthood is not just a women’s issue. Stopping cancer, preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and ensuring access to contraception makes everyone safer and healthier. New Jersey needs leaders in Trenton who will fight to do what’s best for everyone, not just what’s best for themselves or their party.”

Assemblywoman Schepisi’s change of heart occurred just days after Monmouth University released a poll showing Governor Christie’s approval rating had reached a historic low of 15%, a fact that has caused many to speculate that Schepisi’s announcement had more to do with distancing herself from an unpopular governor than with any strong support for Planned Parenthood.

“Voters deserve representatives in the Assembly who will fight for what they believe in no matter what,” said candidate Annie Hausmann, “Assemblywoman Schepisi sided with Governor Christie for seven years, and only decided to stand up for women when it became politically convenient. That is not leadership, it’s gamesmanship, and the people of New Jersey deserve better.”