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Annie Hausmann

Growing up in the housing projects of the South Bronx and Staten Island, Annie Hausmann learned to listen and navigate different opinions early in her life. Annie began her career early on with the unexpected passing of her father when she was 17. A temp job at a trading desk turned into a management position on Wall Street. After her move to Norwood, NJ in 1996, Annie began volunteering for local charities including the Women’s Rights and Information Center, Journey for Change and Spring House for Women. She was an Executive Board member and President of the Parent Association at The Norwood Public School. Annie serves on the board of trustees for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and has chaired their annual fundraiser, raising over three million dollars. Today, Annie is running for NJ State Assembly to have an impact on the issues that she is passionate about. Annie has the right priorities; she knows the value of a hard day’s work and that family always comes first. Annie is dedicated to providing a better education for our children, regaining control over the opioid epidemic as well as reinstating money in the state budget for Women’s Reproductive Health Care.